Welcome to the Bahá’í Recollections

Welcome to the Bahá’í Recollections

“What you could do, and should do, is to use your stories to become a source of inspiration and guidance for those who read them. With such a means at your disposal you can spread the spirit and teachings of the Cause.”—Shoghi Effendi.

The Bahá’í  Recollections features collection of stories of individual Bahá’ís. This is a personal initiative site developed to enable the  believers to freely post their inspiring stories  for the purpose of inspiring the current generation of readers, and for preserving for posterity their contributions.

It would not be possible for the Management Team to stand for the authenticity, accuracy or completeness of stories that are posted, even after some editorial reviews. The contributors would be aware that their postings would be read by all visitors to the site, inviting comments. The contributors may be allowed to send in updated versions of their postings at a later stage. We encourage the accompaniment of relevant photographs as well.

Postings will be done on a monthly  basis. If you would like to receive a notification please subscribe using the links to the right.

We earnestly encourage the believers to write on how they discovered the Faith and served the Cause, adding any interesting anecdotes or moving moments in their Bahá’í lives.  Each can easily contribute, however small the stories may be. The  Management Team reserves the right to publish stories submitted by contributors. It is understood that contributors have read the  TERMS before posting.

Please contact info@bahairecollections.com and the Management Team  will help you to get started.

27 thoughts on “Welcome to the Bahá’í Recollections

  1. Dear Team Members,

    Posterity will thank you for this splendid effort. The Faith passes through various stages. The present generation might not be aware of the sacrifices of the earlier generations. This blog is already proving them with a rich source of information on the early believers across the world.

  2. Dear Mani and the team members who have started this fantastic space to share recollections of personal Bahàì life, my salutations and appreciations. Indeed this would become a voluminous record of personal recollections of anecdotes, encounters, vignettes and experiences of individuals in their journey of life as Bahà’is. May these personal recollections be a source of inspiration to the present and future generation of Baháis.

    Kantha Kumar Ramasamy

  3. Dear Mr. Manisegaran, I am so thrilled that you and your team have started this fantastic page from which many believers can be inspired and benefit from its contents. Our Malaysian Baha’i community is unique with a rich history. Hundreds of stories that were kept in the hearts of the elder Baha’is have been permanently taken to the graves with their passing. This page now provides a portal where those stories still preserved in the minds of living Baha’is can be shared with both young and old. As the younger believers read the recollections of their elders, they would feel inspired. I look forward to reading more recollections and stories from the various friends from Malaysia and abroad.

  4. Dear Team Members of the Baha’i Recollections. I am unable to find adequate words to express my sincere appreciations for all the work you are painstakingly undertaking to place on record sweet and interesting recollections from Bahais. These stories and recollections are sure to help motivate and inspire multitudes of readers like me. It is only through these stories that I was able to gain for the first time deeper details of my closest friends, hitherto unknown to me. I pray to God to grant the Team all the strength and energy that may be needed to build up this blog further to motivate thousands of friends across the globe.
    Thank you.
    Kunja Balan

  5. Dear Team Members,
    I had been reading stories in this blog from Ethiopia in Africa. You are indeed undertaking a Herculean task by collecting and publishing stories that inspire the heart. You are rightly utilizing the God-given technologies for glorifying the Cause of the Blessed Beauty. Such documentation will serve the coming generations in some useful ways. Under normal circumstances it is practically impossible for the contributors of stories and the readers to meet each other. The Team has created a perfect platform for all to meet and interact. My sincere prayers are with the Team to take this to a greater pedestal in the coming years ahead.
    Dr. Kannan Ambalam

  6. Dear Team Members,
    I must thank the team of the Baha’i Recollections blog most sincerely.
    I am new to the blog and am so inspired to read so many stories, each bringing so much inspiration and opening up old and fondest memories. It is from this blog that we are able to read about the life and achievements of so many people- especially people whom we did not know anything about. They give us so much inspiration and guidance for the kind of Baha’i life we must emulate. And some of the rare photographs are living testimonies to some of the events, that are brought back to life. Historical events seem to be re-screened right in front or me. Please don’t stop posting write ups and chronicles on this popular blog. You can be sure I will be the first to read them.
    What you have done is most admirable and much appreciated. May Bahaullah shower good health and a clear mind on you for many, many more years to come.

    Lily Chinniah
    Kuala Lumpur

  7. I wish to thank you dear Manisegaran for taking every effort to rekindle the spirit of those days and preserving the history of the Faith not only in Malaysia but also South East Asia. It is also heartening to see stories contributed by believers from several parts of the world.

    Dr. Vasudevan and Sitarih

  8. Dear Mani
    I wish I could thank you personally for what you are doing. You are rekindling the spirit of the early days through your blog and your God-given writing talents. I personally look forward with all eagerness for your forthcoming postings.

    Lily Chinniah.
    Kuala Lumpur

  9. Dear Mani
    I would like to express my thanks to you for the many excellent, informative and inspiring stories that decorate this blog. I like to place on record my sincere appreciations for the devoted and committed work you are doing in running, managing and uploading wonderful stories in the Baha’i Recollections blog. I know it is a full time and painful job. But remember the results your work produce in preserving the history of the Faith we all love and serve. I am one of the thousands around the world inspired by each of your postings.
    Please continue your great work in keeping the history of the Faith alive.

    Firaydun Mithaq
    Chieng Mai

  10. Dear Team Members of the Bahai Recollections Blog,
    The services of the blog are to be commended in creating this space for the stories of the Faith to be shared with all, as a means of inspiring us on our individual paths of service to Baha’u’llah.

    Warm regards,
    Debbie Kirton

  11. Mani
    I am so impressed with the wonderful contributions you are making by bringing to light the works and sacrifices of the heroes of our beloved Faith. I was particularly touched by your work on our beloved C. S .Maniam whom I felt had been totally forgotten . God bless you and your endeavors to pass to posterity the valuable contributions of the heroic servants of the Blessed Beauty from Malaysia.

    Joe Swaminathan
    Phon Penh

  12. Dear Mani,
    We have been following all the stories that are posted in this blog. It is such stories of the past that we senior citizens enjoy reading. These stories give us so much inspiration at this retired age.
    Please continue this splendid work you are doing.

    Dharmalingam and Mary

  13. Hi Mani
    Congratulations on this great work you do, documenting believers and situations that would otherwise be forgotten!

    It is a service which requires true commitment and passion!


  14. I have been following this wonderful blog by Manisegaran for awhile. His blog not only brings inspiration to me as a Baha’i but unearths unwritten memories of the sacrifices and contributions of the many friends throughout the years. Since l live in many places due to nature of my work, the blog keeps me informed of so many stories. Having now settled in Thailand, this blog is a kind of tonic for my Bahai life. Apart from reading Bahai books, especially the Holy Writings, this blog inspires me to a large extent. I have known Manisegaran for so many years now, and wish to thank him for this very important service he is doing.

    Asho Kumar

  15. I have been silently reading all the stories as they were published on this blog. Over a period of time the quality of the stories and themes presented here have been developing for the better. I look forward to reading the stories, needless to say I have become addicted. As soon as I see a new posting I alert all my close friends.

    As stated in the introduction, this is truly a historical blog that brings to live so many memories of the past. Manisegaran being a historian and author of several books, his professional handling of this blog certainly retains the historical spirit and generates the needed spirit.

    Congratulations to the Administrators of this blog which I believe enjoys worldwide readership.

    Nehru Arunasalam

  16. Thank you Mani for hosting the Bahai Recollections Blog. The many inspiring stories here will surely encourage readers to continue, and even increase their dedication and services to Baha’u’llah.

    Aaron Young

  17. Dear Mani,
    Your committed undertaking and untiring efforts to past down to posterity the doings of all sincere souls in their efforts to establish the Faith of God in Malaysia and elsewhere is most touching, uplifting , eye opener to many of happenings gone unnoticed, untold and unappreciated.

    You are one who has dedicated to ensure the loudness of deeds reaches far and wide; the unending sweetness of the ‘fruits of God ‘ can be tasted by every believer. It inspires the readers to follow the powerful examples presented before them .

    These lines are the result of how your efforts have touched me. I hope to contribute whatever I can whenever possible of whatever I can recollect of the encounters I had with the dearly beloved souls I came in touch with.

    Joe Swaminathan

  18. Dear Mani,

    I admire your praiseworthy efforts of recording the struggles and accomplishments of these early Dawn-Breakers of the Malaysian Baha’i Community. Great work you are doing for posterity, Mani. May the Blessed Beauty continue to assist you in all ways.

    Victor Greenspoon

  19. Dear Mani
    Thank you for taking so much of your time to share the works and devotion of the early believers, including pioneers. All the stories published here are very inspiring indeed.

    Teh Seng Chai

  20. Dear Brother Manisegaran
    You are doing a great service in spreading the Healing Message of Baha’u’llah through the several stories that are published in the blog.

    Your selfless efforts and services to document, and put on the record the lives and services of the true disciples of Baha’u’llah are praiseworthy. All these stories are great and do give me insight into the sacrificial services of the early believers and the way they served the Cause of Baha’u’llah.

    Jaya Raju Thota
    Andhra Pradesh

  21. Dear Mani,
    your blog and the stories therein are so enlightening for the mind and feeds my thirsty soul. We learn so much about the faith that you so painstakingly collect from the Baha’i’s and create a master piece. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.
    Nedah Sabapathy

  22. Dear Manisegaran
    It is very great of you publishing stories on our own Malaysian Bahá’í pioneers and stories of other believers across the globe. I feel so good and inspired on the things you write about all this great pioneers. Please keep it up. In time to come we will know of these great people who promoted our Bahá’í faith all over the world.

    Hoping to read more on more of this people.
    Warm greetings

  23. Dear Uncle Mani,
    Great initiative and vast collections of extraordinary stories of heroes and heroines of the Faith who had sincerely sacrificed everything for their love of Bahá’u’lláh and to spread His healing message to all corners of the world. Your Bahá’í Recollections blog has become part of my life since the day I joined it. I sincerely admire your true dedication and service for the love for the Blessed Beauty. May Bahá’u’lláh shower His grace upon you and confirm your services to His Cause so that you become victorious in the field of the love of God and bring masses who are thirsty for the water of life to the source of divine knowledge.

    With Loving Bahá’í Greetings,
    Velayutham Gopal
    Phnom Penh

  24. Manisegaran
    One of the four Hands of the Cause of God during Bahá’u’lláhs time said that history of the Faith and the sufferings of the early believers should be written down. This Hand of the Cause, at one point, was put underground and a slab of stone was put over the hole. There was no way he could escape. But he was ever ready when enemies of the Faith went to get him. (I am of course paraphrasing here.)

    So the work you are doing is immensely important. Not everyone has the aptitude and savor and fare for editing articles submitted and have them published. You are doing a great and wonderful work.

    Kamachee Martel

  25. This site is very important and serves future generations who will benefit from knowing about the foundation of our history.

    Steve Sewell
    West Chester,
    Pennsylvania USA.

  26. Dear Mr. Manisegaran
    I wish to register that I am a ardent follower of all the stories you are posting . That is by far the greatest work that you are rendering the Cause. Good job, and keep it up . You have the gift and great passion for writing. All the best Mr. Mani
    Thank you
    Arumugam Thanapah

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