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Welcome to the Bahá’í Recollections

Welcome to the Bahá’í Recollections

The Bahá’í  Recollections features collection of stories of individual Bahá’ís. This is a personal initiative site developed to enable the  believers to freely post their inspiring stories  for the purpose of inspiring the current generation of readers, apart from preserving for posterity their own stories.

The stories that appear here are the personal recollections by those who have posted them. It would not be possible for the team to stand for the authenticity, accuracy or completeness of stories that are posted, even after some editorial review. The contributors would be aware that their postings would be read by all visitors to the site, inviting comments and appreciations. The contributors may be allowed to send in updated versions of their postings at a later stage. We encourage the accompaniment of relevant photographs as well.

Postings will be done on a monthly  basis. If you would like to receive a notification please subscribe using the links to the right.

We earnestly encourage the believers to write on how they discovered the Faith and served the Cause, adding any interesting anecdotes or moving moments in their Bahá’í lives.  Each can easily contribute, however small the article may be. The team reserves the right to publish articles submitted by contributors. It is understood that contributors have read the  TERMS before posting.

It is hoped this site would evolve to become a great platform for both the contributors and readers to gain a  deeper understanding and appreciation of each other.

Posted here are some stories to inspire the readers, and to encourage others to contribute.   Please contact and the TEAM  will help you to get started.

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